Monday, 25 April 2016


Today’s talk will be about the ever difficult taper; however before I get to there I should talk about today. The 25th of April holds a special place in all New Zealander’s and Australian’s heart's as it is ANZAC day, the anniversary of the disastrous landing at Gallipoli. A time to reflect the sacrifices of all the men and women who ever sacrificed themselves to help keep this glorious country free. Thank you.
The taper is notoriously difficult to master, yet absolutely critical to running at your best. In the past I never ran enough km’s per week to actually be worth it, so I’m giving it the best go I can at the moment to run the best I can at the Great Train Race. Apparently you’re meant to run 25% of the km’s you would usually run during your usual training week, but in my case as the race is only 13.5km I’m cutting back the distance just so I feel mentally refreshed. As my average km’s per week is 40km I’m only meant to run 10km. I’ve already ran 10km today and am feeling great, I reckon as long as I don’t run further than that and run at a medium intensity instead of what feels like a high intensity I should be good to run at my best. So my question to all of you is, at what distance race would you taper for? Only for a marathon distance? Or any distance? I have no idea, hence the 'Novice' in my blog title.

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