Monday, 1 August 2016

Food Part I

I was wondering what I should write about today and was looking for inspiration, when at lunch time I looked at my food. So that is what I’m going to talk about, as it’s a fairly major component of any athlete’s performance. I think I’ll do in 2 parts. This first part will be on my day to day nutrition and the second part will be on what I try and eat during my longer runs and races.

For breakfast in winter, nothing is better than a hearty bowl of oats
Food, an integral part of life and most Instagrammers feeds. It’s also what allows sports nutritionists to stay employed. I know because at the beginning of the year I used a sport nutritionist to try and sort out my eating habits. I’m exercising more now than I ever have before in my life, which means I need to try and get all the nutrients and energy I need to remain healthy and improve my performance. Hence the Sports Nutritionist.

Throughout the day snacks start with a tub of yoghurt.
Then some fruit
It turned out I was no-where near eating healthy enough last year, not enough fruits and vegetables and I was eating too much of saturated fats and sugar, but not enough complex carbs. The reason why I didn’t gain weight was because I still was highly active (and maybe genetics, who knows about that one). Improving on these baseline nutrition factors, according to the nutritionist, can help improve my overall sporting performance.

And a muesli bar
And some more fruit
So improve I did, I’m now eating a lot healthier and do genuinely feel better. I usually have more energy throughout the day and tend to bounce back from training a lot faster than I did last year. I guess the hope is to continue on with my good habits and; fingers crossed, will allow me to continue to perform and race better and better.

And some not so healthy snacks, gotta treat yourself right? And besides, it's balanced out with everything else
I also usually have a roll which has ham, cheese, tomato and salad mix; along with Salada's with cheese and tomato.
For dinner is usually something delicious that is pasta or rice based that my mum makes. Tonight's dinner is pasta, chicken, pumpkin, mushroom and spinach.

Followed with some steamed veggies that I usually eat while learning Deutsche!


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