Monday, 31 October 2016

Review: Trail Brew

As I'm currently in the middle of running 4 Peaks, today's post will be short and on a product I've recently stumbled upon, Trail Brew endurance drink. I haven't written a review before, so here goes! (I'm not endorsed or paid to write this article by Trail Brew, but I did get a bit extra for giving it a try)

I came across Trail Brew thanks to Ultra 168, where the author of the race preview for the Blackall 100 is also the maker of said product, and Dan gave him a bit of a shout-out before the article began which got me thinking. I'm starting to run further and for longer than I ever have before, which probably means that I should start thinking about my nutrition a bit more seriously. I've been using Powerade/Gatorade powder (whatever is on special at the time) but I'm unsure just how good it is for me in terms of the ingredients that are in it and carbs/electrolytes, when I came across the Trail Brew endurance powder. When I read the nutrition label it started ticking all the right boxes, lots of carbs per serve, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium and mainly dextrose rather than sucrose, along with the fact it's run and owned by a genuine Aussie bloke named Troy; not a giant multinational.

I've used it exactly 3 times as of writing this, but considering two of those times are the hardest runs I've ever done in my life (4 Peaks: Feathertop and Hotham), I feel like what holds true now will hold true into the future. And first impressions are astounding, I love it. Gives me an instant energy hit without running out straight away, which I find with the commercial stuff gives me a sugar high and fades away quickly. I also love the flavours, original (which tastes like sugar water), orange and lemon (which is my favourite). At the moment the orange and lemon flavours come in separate individual sachets, which isn't the greatest; but I've been told by Troy he's working towards pre-mixing the flavours into the bags. My hint, definitely try and get your hands on the lemon; superb! The final thing I love about this endurance drink is the price, less than $1 AUD per serve which gives me all the electrolytes I need, and allows me to string out the times between using energy gels. Why do those have to cost so much!

Review Summary
A cheap, Aussie endurance powder that comes with great flavours and has all the nutrients an endurance athlete could need, can't argue with that!


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