Tuesday, 24 January 2017

What's in store...

Photo of a photo that's in 'Trail Run Mag's' Calendar Image: Lyndon Marceau

Ahh January, the time of the year where big plans are made and there isn’t an exception for yours truly.
So what are my plans? First and foremost is my impending move up to Brisvegas for uni, hitting the books full time to get a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Queensland. This will take priority over running, but hopefully I can put my time management skills to good use to do some training and maybe even participate in a few races.
January: Two Bays 56km (and you can see how that one went here)
February: Kilcunda Half Marathon
March: UQ Twilight Run (unsure which distance yet, maybe smash out a quick 10km)
May: Brisbane Trail Marathon
July: Gold Coast Marathon (my biggest race of the year, with the hope of breaking 3 hours)
September: Either the Glasshouse 30km or the Coastal High 50km (depending on fitness levels)
October: The Blackall 50km (my second biggest race of the year)

2018: Buffalo Stampede Ultra (all roads lead to this)

I also hope to do some crewing/volunteering for some races in the South Eastern Queensland area, and try to continue learning how to race better for the ultra-marathon distance. But until then, I’m going to try and continue building on my fitness from last year and if you’re curious, here’s my base building plan, modeled off something I found in ‘Where the Road Ends’. Then in March (6 weeks before the marathon) I’ll start my specific marathon plan.

30 minute 6min/km recovery run
45 minute 5 min/km easy run
Gym in the morning, 30 min easy in evening
60 minutes 5min/km easy run
30 minutes 5min/km easy run
2-3 hour long run


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