Monday, 23 May 2016

Running with other people

Taken at Blue Pools, near Briagolong, when running with some local running group members.
Today's post will be short and sweet, and will be on the benefits of being part of a running group and running with others. I've been part of a local running group for close to a year now and am only recently starting to see the benefits. At the beginning I was still in high school and everyone in the group were a lot older than I was, so I kind of just ignored that I was a part of it. Once I left high school though, I stopped going to running training with people that were teenagers due to work commitments and missed that social connection, so I turned to the running group. It's great as it's a Facebook based group which means that it's so easy to get in contact with other runners with the same trail running interests, and pretty much how I found a whole bunch of local trails. It also allows me to find out about a whole bunch of races that I previously wouldn't have known about, and to have training partners when I go for my long runs. It's been a real asset, and really allows me to tap into the strong running community that exists in Gippsland. If you're reading this and aren't a member of a group and have the opportunity to do so, then do it. You'll meet so many new people that you might not have met otherwise and the local knowledge and running advice you can receive is astounding.

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